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Trail Rides

Trail rides through native prairie at the Flying W Guest Ranch in Sayre, OklahomaAt the Flying W Guest Ranch, you may choose either a one hour trail ride, or the two-hour ride which includes a visit to the archeological excavation of the Buffalo kill sites.

Flying W is a working ranch, where you can see cattle, Texas Longhorn, buffalo, and a vast variety of native wildlife, including deer, quail, wild turkey, beaver, porcupine, dove, and armadillos, to name a few. You might even catch a glimpse of ol' wiley coyote.

We'll travel up hill and down, across the creeks, through the brush, and around the wild turkeys. As one guest said, it doesn't seem like a trail ride as much as it is an adventure through some of best scenic countryside that Oklahoma has to offer. You won't believe the color and variety of this untamed prairie. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Unbelievable scenery is just part of the trial ride at the Flying W Guest RanchTwo rides include a visit to the Buffalo Kill archeological dig site at Flying W Guest RanchOur 2-hour Guided Trail Rides all visit the historic buffalo kill site excavations and share details about the life of the Plains Indians. Over 2,300 years ago, these Indians would drive the bison into gullies or over cliffs, killing the massive animals for food and the warm hides.

The sites reveal the tools and cooking materials used by the early Plains Indians, including spear points, cutting knives, scrapping tools, and other instruments and cooking items used to prepare meat and hides.

When the archeologists are on site, they assist the guides in demonstrations.

Riders are matched to their horses based on riding experience at the Flying W Guest RanchRiders are matched to their horses based on your riding skills. They're all tame, but these are working ranch horses, not just critters that mosey around the field and back to the barn. You'll enjoy a real ride. You may also bring your own horse if you choose. We do advise all riders to wear long pants and closed toe shoes so that we can visit the most interesting and scenic locations on our 2,000 plus acre ranch.

Trail rides off the beaten path give you a real western experience at the Flying W Guest Ranch.Reservations are helpful, but not required. We are working on the ranch all day, so it's not a problem to get the horses ready quickly if you just stop in.

We can also take groups, like birthday parties, though it'd really be nice if you call ahead for your group plans. We'll have the horses saddled, and ready to go.

For those not quite ready for the saddle, we also offer wagon rides.

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