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Flying W Museum

From Buggys to DeLoreans, you'll see a true collection at the Flying W Guest Ranch.The Museum at the Flying W Ranch is perhaps one of the finest personal collections of early western artifacts in the nation, accummulated by Don Whinery and his father, A.L. Whinery.

We are avid collectors, and we make it our business to know how things were used, who used them, and when. Don is on the board of Directors at the National Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame, and was on the board of trustees for the Oklahoma City Art Museum.

The museum lets you really see and understand a lot of the old west. For example, we have a collection of old saddles including one that once Arrowheads and spear points from Plains Indians in 300 B.C. are among the collection at the Flying W Guest Ranchbelonging to Gene Autry. We've got a case containing hundreds of arrowheads and spear points found on the Buffalo Kill Site on our property. We can show you how the arrowheads and spear points were made by the Plains Indians, and how they were used in the buffalo hunts.

Don also has one of the largest collections of horsehair bridles in the country. "I saw the first one when I was 7 or 8 years old, and thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Most collectors have five or six," he says. "I have more than 100." This collection alone is valued at $300,000.

Other collection pieces include western furniture, Western paintings, and Western sculptures. Whole families will also enjoy the collectible village, including buildings, miniatures, and trains.

An extensive collection of vehicles at the Flying W Guest RanchA large portion of the museum showcases classic transportation, including everything from horse-drawn buggies, to a DeLorean similar to the one in the movie, "Back to the Future." The vehicles include an 1885 Wheeler Wagon, originally used to pick up salt in Cheyenne, Oklahoma, and a chuckwagon from 1895.

This 1860 Hearse is one of many in the Museum at the Flying W Guest RanchA. L. was in the funeral business for many years, and his collection includes a number of old hearses from different time periods. A particular favorite was built in 1860, and is on display with the original glass, snowshoes, snowflake axel grease, and German silver.

This camp scene shows the variety of this extensive collection at the Flying W Guest Ranch.The gift shop at Flying W Ranch has many western collectibles available for your inspection.Our museum is open most any time you want to see it, and we'll walk you through it, answer your questions, and point out a few of our favorites. We also have a nice gift shop with many attractive pieces of western art, arrow heads, and other collectibles.

Guided Tours are only $5 per person,
or purchase a tour of both the Museum and the General Store for $7.50

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