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RV Hookups

The Flying W Ranch has RV hookups available for 10 vehicles near the lake. This area has a convenient shower house. Enjoy the real west at Flying W Guest RanchKids and adults alike will enjoy the variety of critters around the farm, including goats, lots of beautiful riding horses, cattle, buffalo.

You'll probably also want to visit the historic buffalo kill site excavations and learn details about the life of the Plains Indians. Over 2,300 years ago, these Indians would drive the bison into gullies or over cliffs, killing the massive animals for food and the warm hides.

The sites reveal the tools and cooking materials used by the early Plains Indians, including spear points, cutting knives, scrapping tools, and other instruments and cooking items used to prepare meat and hides.

See live buffalo at the Flying W Guest RanchTo say the least, most of our guests are pretty busy, but it's always nice to just sit a spell down by the lake, soak in the beautiful scenery, and maybe ponder the universe as you watch the setting sun.

For great chow, you just can't beat our own Sassy's Cafe.

When Sassy's Cafe isn't open, you can drive about 5 miles down the road to a small store called Four Corners for soda and some pretty great hamburgers. (That's a pretty descriptive name of the place, but the burgers are really super!) The place is really popular, so be prepared to wait in line. Five miles the other way is another convenience store, and further down in Elk City is a Wal-Mart and grocery store.

Reservations are suggested, or if you are just coming by, don't hesitate to ask. We've got cabins and teepees, too, if you and the family decide you want to spread out a little bit for a night or too.

RV Hookups are $20 per night

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