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Authentic General Store of 1880s at the Flying W Guest RanchGeneral Store

You will be totally amazed at the detail and accuracy of our 1880s General Store, from the grain barrels to the bottles of elixir behind the counter.

Historical guides will walk you through the store to help put the various items in historic perspective:

    • Understand the tools of the period
    • Learn how foods were stored in days before preservatives and refrigeration
    • Hear about primitive medications and healing herbs
    • See the selection of hardware and supplies needed to maintain a frontier ranch
    • See early toys, clothes, and "luxury" items of the 1880s

Circa 1880 General Store at the Whinery's Flying W Guest RanchThis collection has been accumulated over many, many years by the Whinery family, and most tours will be conducted by owner Don Whinery.

Tour Guests revisit the 1880s at the General Store at the Flying W Guest RanchThe Whinery's are avid collectors and extremely knowledgeable about the items in their collection. Don is a member of the Board of Directors at the Cowboy Hall of Fame, and has also served on the board of the Oklahoma City Art Museum.


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